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Talks and comment pieces


Blog on Brexit and Chemicals for the Women’s Environmental Network, November 2017

Presentation at the 8th International Fresenius Conference on Endocrine Disruptors, November 2017

Comments piece on Brexit and Chemicals for Chemical Watch, October 2017

Blog on Brexit and Chemicals for Chem Sec, October 2017

Presentation at the Chemical Watch/CHEM Trust/TechUK conference on UK Chemicals Regulation post-Brexit, September 2017

Presentation at the European Commission’s plastics conference, September 2017

Presentation on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals at an Accenture webinar for food industry companies, September 2017

Blog on Brexit and Chemicals for Green Alliance, August 2017

Webinar on Brexit, and on the No Brainer report, for Chem Sec, July 2017

  • A webinar presentation for Chem Sec by Michael Warhurst, covering two issues: (i) Brexit & Chemicals; and (ii) CHEM Trust’s “No Brainer” report. The video of the webinar is available here, the presentation is available as a powerpoint or a pdf.

Presentation on chemicals in food contact materials in a webinar on substances of very high concern in food contact materials, March 2017

Talk on chemicals and the circular economy at the European Commission’s Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference, March 2017


Presentations on EU NGO expectations of the new US TSCA chemical regulation, December 2016

Talk on groups of chemicals in the Circular Economy, December 2016

Talk on EU Policy on Endocrine Disrupters at the Fresenius Conference on Endocrine Disrupters, November 2016

Talk on addressing chemicals of concern in food contact materials, October 2016

Talk on Circular Economy and Chemicals at OECD Environment Ministerial Conference, September 2016

Talk on Europe’s approach to regulating EDCs at a US conference on 25 years of endocrine disruption research, September 2016

Talk on innovation and safer chemicals, at a workshop discussing the planned EU strategy for a non toxic environment, June 2016

  • A presentation on “Promoting innovation to safer chemicals” by Michael Warhurst, at an European Commission workshop on the “Strategy for a Non-toxic Environment of the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP)” on 9th June 2016.

Blog on the EU & chemicals, on Friends of the Earth’s web site, June 2016

Talk on chemicals & the circular economy, at the Helsinki Chemicals Forum, May 2016

Two talks on “Chemical pollution from fracking”, March/April 2016

Comment piece on “Endocrine disruptors: ‘Better Regulation’ or better public health?”, in Euractiv, 3rd March 2016.

Presentation on “Moving towards a circular economy: the role of non toxic material cycles” at the Chemical Watch Business Summit, 23-25th Feb 2016

Presentation on regulatory cooperation in TTIP and chemicals at a webinar organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, 14th January 2016


Presentation on clean material cycles at European Environment Agency workshop on the Circular Economy, 29-20th October 2015

Blog for the UK RSA’s “Great Recovery Project”, October 2015

Presentation on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals at “European Chemicals Policy and Risk Management” conference, Barcelona, 24th September 2015

Circular economy and chemicals presentation at the Commission’s stakeholder conference on the Circular Economy, 25th June 2015

Talk on circular economy and chemicals given at “Sustainable Standards” event, 24th June 2015

Comment piece for Chemical Watch, June 2015

Helsinki Chemicals Forum, 28-29th May, 2015

Comment piece for ENDS Europe, May 2015

Eureau “Water Matters” conference, 25th March 2015

  • See speaking notes for Michael Warhurst’s presentation at this event.

Talk at event on REACH & the Circular Economy, 24th March 2015

  • See blog by Michael Warhurst about this event, including speaking notes.


EEB 40th Anniversary conference, December 2014

  • Presentation by Michael Warhurst on “Pollution, chemicals and health: From inaction to action?” in the parallel session on health, see blog with link to presentation.

UBA REACH Congress 2014, December 2014

  • Presentation by Ninja Reineke “Zulassung unter REACH – Beobachtungen aus Sicht einer NGO” – see Presentation (in German).

Chemical Watch regulatory summit, October 2014

5th International Fresenius Conference on Endocrine Disrupters, October 2014

Talk at the Organic Pharmacy Conference, October 2014

  • Presentation by Elizabeth Salter Green on “Chemicals in Consumer Products: Are We All ‘Toxic Consumers’?”presentation & video.

6th Global Helsinki Chemicals Forum, May 2014

  • Presentation by Ninja Reineke on “Endocrine Disruptors – Do we need special controls?” – Presentation.