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Our work in the UK

CHEM Trust is a UK based charity, working at UK, EU and International level.

It’s worth noting that many aspects of chemical regulation within the UK are actually controlled at EU level, with the UK government and MEPs participating in decisions. This means that CHEM Trust’s work at EU level has a direct impact on the UK.

Here is a selection of the work we do within the UK; you can get the latest news on our UK work by looking at all the blogs posts tagged with ‘UK’.

Participating in the UK Government’s Chemicals Stakeholder Forum

The UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (UKCSF) advises the UK government on managing risks to the environment and to human health via the environment that may result from the production, distribution and use of chemicals. It has an independent chair, and representatives of different stakeholder groups, including CHEM Trust.

The forum meets quarterly, and the most frequent participant from CHEM Trust is our Policy Director Gwynne Lyons. In addition to participating in the meetings, we have also taken part in subgroups and submitted papers for discussion.

Our team has been involved in the stakeholder forum since it started, with both Gwynne Lyons and Michael Warhurst present at the first meeting back in  October 2000.

Talking to the UK Government

In addition to the Chemicals Stakeholder Forum, we also have other meetings with officials and ministers in various departments and agencies, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the Department of Health, and the Health Protection Agency. Some of these meetings are joint with other UK NGOs.

Working with other UK-based organisations

We collaborate with a range of other organisations in the UK, for example:

Working with UK Members of Parliament

CHEM Trust has worked with a number of UK MPs and contributed to UK Parliamentary inquiries, for example:

Working on fracking in the UK

Fracking Briefing image - mediumCHEM Trust commissioned a report and briefing on Chemical Pollution from Fracking looking into the potential impacts fracking could have on both UK & EU wildlife and human health in terms of chemical pollution; the report was launched in June 2015.

The briefing particularly focussed on the North West UK as an example of an area that could be harmed due to chemical pollution from fracking, and it came out the weekend before two planning decisions were due to be made by Lancashire County Councils. The UK fracking industry association inaccurately criticised the report, as did Peter Lilley MP – our response to their claims is here. We also sent the briefing to the Lancashire councillors – they eventually voted against both fracking applications.

Recent UK Media coverage

We’ve recently been featured in a number of UK media stories, including: