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CHEM Trust team

Executive Director:

Dr Michael Warhurst has been Executive Director of CHEM Trust since July 2014. He previously worked on waste & resource use at Friends of the Earth from 2005-June 2014, including heading up Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and Consumption programme for over 5 years. Prior to this he worked on chemicals policy at WWF European Policy Office for 3 years and at Friends of the Earth for 5 years, focussing on advocating for reform of EU chemicals policy and working on the initial stages of REACH. He is a PhD Biochemist, with an MSc in Environmental Chemistry and a degree in Biochemistry.


 Elizabeth Salter Green Elizabeth Salter Green is co-founder of CHEM Trust and has overseen governance and the steady growth of the organisation.  She worked for WWF-UK, WWF European Policy Office, Brussels and WWF International, Switzerland for over 10 years.  She was Director of the WWF-UK Toxics Programme.  She holds degrees in Clinical Physiology and International Environmental Law and speaks French and Spanish.  Prior to WWF she worked for several years as a marine biologist.  She is author of the book “The Toxic Consumer.”


 Gwynne Lyons Gwynne Lyons is co-founder of CHEM Trust which she soon established as the leading civil society organisation working on EU endocrine disruption policy and the EU’s REACH chemicals regulation. She worked for many years as a pharmacist, before becoming Senior Researcher at Friends of the Earth in 1987, and subsequently Toxics Science and Policy Advisor at WWF-UK.  She has been a member of the Health and Safety Commission’s Advisory Committee on Toxic Chemicals, and was a member of the UK Government’s Advisory Committee on Hazardous Chemicals from 2001-2008.In 2008, Gwynne was listed in the Independent on Sunday’s list of Britain’s top 100 environmentalists as “Britain’s most effective expert on toxic chemicals.”

Head of Science:

 Ninja Reineke Ninja Reineke has been working with CHEM Trust as a Senior Policy Adviser since January 2013 with a main focus on improving EU regulation on endocrine disrupters, e.g. within REACH and pesticide law. She holds a degree in chemistry and a PhD on marine pollutants.  She worked for WWF on EU chemicals policy for almost a decade, first in Germany and then in the European Policy Office in Brussels.  She took a leading role in WWF’s International DetoX Campaign for strengthening the EU chemicals law REACH, and subsequently attended EU expert groups dealing with implementation.  Since leaving WWF in 2012, Ninja Reineke has been based in Hamburg.  In addition to her CHEM Trust work she also provides technical expertise and support for other non-profit organisations, institutes and foundations.

Head of Advocacy:

  Dr Anna Watson has been working with CHEM Trust as Head of Advocacy since January 2018. Anna is a scientist by background, and has had many years experience of campaigning, policy and advocacy work at Friends of the Earth. This has included work on waste policy, solar power and community empowerment.

Brexit Campaigner:

  Andrea has been working with CHEM Trust as a Brexit Campaigner since June 2017. Andrea has always been passionate about socio-environmental issues. During her time at the University of Buenos Aires, she pioneered the academic debate on the ethical dimensions of the environmental crisis by becoming the first student from the Department of Philosophy to write a thesis on eco-philosophy. Since then, Andrea has worked in several countries and contributed to socio- environmental initiatives at local, national and international level.  She worked on international development projects managed by the White Helmet Commission and the OAS as well as for leading UK organisations such as WasteWatch, TRAID, Biofuel Watch amongst others. She is also the author of the book Deep Ecology and co-author, with other Latin-American academics, of Ecophilosophy.

Campaign intern:

CHEM Trust’s Campaign intern is a 12 month role, 4 days/week paid at the London living wage. We normally recruit around March, keep an eye out for the blog advertising the post on our web site if you are interested in applying.

  Charlotte Coquard has been CHEM Trust’s Campaign intern since April 2017. She has a Masters in Risk Management in Southern Countries and a diploma in Political Sciences. She was the Campaign intern at Surfrider Foundation Europe in Brussels for six months in 2016.

Previous campaign interns:

Lise Masson Lise Masson worked for CHEM Trust as Campaign Intern from March 2016 to March 2017. She has a Masters in International and European Environmental law, and was the legal intern at Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) for 6 months in 2015.
 Gwen Buck Gwen Buck worked for CHEM Trust as a Campaign Intern from March 2015 to March 2016. She has a degree in Environmental Science and brought knowledge from volunteering with third sector organisations, most recently at the Economics and Resource Use Programme at Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).