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CHEM Trust is looking for an expert in chemicals policy and science

CHEM Trust is a charity that works mainly at European level to prevent man-made chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife or humans, by ensuring that chemicals which cause harm are substituted with safer alternatives.

We work at the interface between science and policymaking, with a commitment to accuracy and effectiveness. We particularly focus on the identification and regulation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.

We are now looking for an experienced scientist and chemicals policy expert to join our team. 

CHEM Trust’s work requires an in-depth and accurate analysis of the science and policy of chemicals, and the communication of this analysis to policymakers and other stakeholders. We now want to increase our capacity in this area, so we are recruiting a new Scientist to the team.

The exact location of this role is negotiable, though applicants must be able to work and travel around the EU; existing members of the CHEM Trust team work from Germany and the UK. The salary is also negotiable.

We are advertising this role as full time, but we are also open to job share and part time options.

The essential characteristics for this role are:

  • Demonstrable ability to read, understand, assess, and summarise primary scientific research in chemicals or a similar area.
  • Ability to build positive relationships with research scientists, civil servants and other stakeholders.
  • Experience of reviewing scientific literature on chemicals
  • Understanding of EU policymaking processes on chemicals
  • Understanding of how to communicate with different types of policy makers, in particular those working on technical policy processes
  • Good verbal and written communication skills, able to speak to a wide variety of audiences
  • Clear and accurate written and spoken English
  • A commitment to accuracy

An ideal candidate would have experience in at least two of the following:

  • Experience of working with government or EU-level authorities on chemicals policy ( (e.g. REACH, chemicals in food contact materials), or a very similar policy area (e.g. waste or pesticides)
  • Working within OECD processes on chemical test guidelines and chemical assessment
  • Writing detailed and accurate reviews of human health and/or environmental toxicology of chemicals, based on primary literature
  • Writing detailed analyses of chemicals policies, identifying what improvements are realistically possible
  • Working within EU-decision making processes on chemicals or similar policy area.

The Job Description for the role is here.

You will have the chance to join an experienced and effective team, which has a positive influence on chemicals policy in the EU and beyond.

You can get find out more about our work by looking at our blog, our policy submissions page and our talks page.

Submitting your application

If you are interested in this role, please send the following information to us by 12.00 CET on Thursday 5th April 2018:

  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • A cover letter of no more than four A4 sides, explaining how your experience matches the job description and the characteristics above, with links to relevant examples of your work.
  • NB: Your CV or the cover letter should include the names and contact details of two referees with knowledge of your work, one of which must be able to comment on your technical knowledge & ability.

Send your details to: ninja.reineke@chemtrust.org, copied to michael.warhurst@chemtrust.org

Please note that we will only be able to reply to applications that we have shortlisted. If you don’t hear anything from us by the 26th April then you have not been shortlisted.